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To have listening ears, who know and understand the Family Court issues you are experiencing is an abundance Punished 4 Protecting, Inc. (P4P) desires to share with "all" parents and their families who are suffering from Family Court Abuse. At the onset of membership, this is the first element of benefit that P4P provides. We hear it often, "So, I'm not wrong thinking or feeling the way I do," and it is good to have validation where our inner being says, "You're right!" but the system is saying, "You're wrong."

The fact is, unless previously involved in Family Court or law, parents enter Family Court with blinders on. Most parents "trust" the legal system at the onset of Family Court litigation and many come out the other side feeling as if they've been tossed on their ear or survived a tornado funnel. It is a complicated and time consumptive undertaking to gain custody of your children. It is also a cost-intense endeavor. Many parents spend their life's savings in Family Court. Trust is often lost. Faith in the legal system is skewed and the result isn't always what one would anticipate using common sense. Often, common sense doesn't apply in Family Court.

As members of P4P, you gain insights otherwise unknown that you just cannot afford to have a learning curve gaining the knowledge P4P Advocates and Counselors share. In fact, before entering a Complaint for Custody, every parent should be armed with the knowledge that P4P shares. Any other undertaking, normally is preceded by some research and key decision-making, a Family Court Custodial Filing should be as well. The more you know, the sooner, the better the outcome.

Also, P4P Advocates for members through meetings with representatives and legislature, by creating bills and/or responding to new bill creations. P4P Leadership and Chapter Leads attend hearings and law-making meetings, they attend rallies and protests, some even ignite protests. P4P meets with affiliated advocacy groups and believes in working together to achieve common goals.

And, we get involved in your case. Where possible, Francesca  identifies the violations &  attends your court hearings so that advocates are visible in the courtroom. We also aid families with housing and/or safety where necessary and possible given our limited resources.

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