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Working toward furthering family preservation, and advocacy unification!

Francesca Amato-Banfield


Ms. Francesca Amato is the National Chapter Leader as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Punished 4 Protecting, Inc. (P4P). Francesca is an expert Domestic violence, child abuse & A.D.A. Advocate with a wealth of knowledge & experience navigating the family court & cps diabolical system. She is a fighter like no other in the Nation. 

Accomplishments: over 14 years experience, a best selling author, public speaker & broadcaster, exposing Judges & cps workers-attorneys who violate rights daily. She fights to win

Hannah R. Morris 

Intake Specialist &  Chapter Leader 

PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY: I am an educator specializing in K-5 Elementary and Special Education, a seasoned copywriter, editor and proofreader. Teaching children to read and write with a personable, empathetic and driven approach is my central focus. I have been employed as a substitute teacher, edited books, articles, memos, emails and copy written a variety of print materials. Over the last three years, I managed and taught my own children, working with them in specific and specialized ways while pursuing my second master's degree.

I have learned so much about myself and how uniquely each child learns, not just through schooling, but from being a mother, teacher, editor and proofreader. I acquired and implemented specialized skills in the areas of differentiated instruction and confidence building. I taught children how to read, created curriculum, created hands on activities including games and crafts associated with stimulating learning lessons in all content areas. My interests are many as is my work experience varied. The salient theme throughout my life and work is the love of working with people, especially children and helping them meet their goals by utilizing creative tools and interventions. Cultivating a positive learning environment is vital to this process and I am committed. Strong aptitude in reading and writing are among the most important skills that move one toward success. I love being a participant in goal setting and achievement. In addition to my formal education, my experience as a mother of typical children and one with special needs enriches my life immeasurably. I consider myself someone with a unique blend of interests and experiences that offer multidisciplinary benefit.

I deeply studied our U.S Constitution for two years for my first master's degree in Government and am passionate about its contents and sovereignty. I am blessed and excited to be apprenticing under Francesca’s advocating for those whose rights are being violated under the Americans with Disabilities Act and am committed to ongoing advocacy training.

Ashley Nutbrown

Ashley is a dedicated mother of two children and lives in Central Vermont. She is currently a

student at CCV working on a Media Communications certificate and an associate's degree in

Design and Media Studies (A.A.) +. She has a short background in mental health, having had

employment at two mental health facilities, one of them a state facility. She also has a

background in geriatrics as an LNA. Ashley is NAPPI, CPR, and First Aid trained. Ashley is a

panel member for Voices for Vermont’s Children; an independent oversight board for child

policy research/advocacy.

Ms. Nutbrown is a survivor of childhood and domestic/narcissist abuse. She has personal

experience with the injustices of family court and child welfare departments. She uses these

experiences as driving forces to do what is in the best interest of children and families entangled

in the corruption of today’s courts. Ms. Nutbrown is an animal lover and avid concertgoer to

mainly heavy metal shows. She doesn’t consider herself regligious, but follows the path of

spirituality and believes in holistic practices.

Jessica Erickson

New York - Chapter Leader 

Ms. Jessica Erickson is the New York Chapter Leader. 

Accomplishments: Jessica has been advocating since 2014 with a personal case that allowed her to understand what goes on in the family courts, she has been dedicated to helping other protective loving mothers & fathers who have had their natural rights violated and are left unheard when abuse occurs

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