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the beginning:

Punished 4 Protecting, Inc. (P4P) as a National Coalition was started by. Francesca Amato-Banfield who was the Chapter Leader of the Tri-State Coalition for Family Court Reform in Ulster County New York. Selected by Victoria Gribbin, Ms. Amato-Banfield, noted the need for reform was great and featured frequent calls; the realization that a national, and international, reform was required naturally emerged.

Unfortunately, the rights of parents and children are under attack by the judicial system, which is suffering from negligence, and in too many cases intentional malfeasance is demonstrated. Ms. Francesca Amato-Banfield's own personal experiences in Family Court resulted in her first-hand knowledge of poor quality Family Count and Child Protective Services (CPS) acts. Making a difference is essential to promote positive outcomes of families and children nationally and globally.

Francesca no longer believes that reform is possible and she has trumped and spearheaded the message to "abolish and arrest" this entire system and its players especially the judges that make these orders; that are endangering the lives of countless American children every day of our lives

P4P understands that working with the countless victims the Family Court system is both rewarding and identifying of systematic familial and child abuse. P4P has experienced good, fit, parents and their children suffer at the hands of Family Court and related service and agency (i.e.: DHHS, DSS, CPS, etc.) shortcomings. Being abused and victimized by the judiciary, guardian ad litems (GALs), family court associations, and others involved in child custody arena has remained a daily heartbreak. 

P4P works with advocates, crime specialists, domestic violence experts, law enforcement, legislatures, therapists, victimization specialists, whistleblowers, etc. throughout the United States and abroad. Our reformation experts and counselors work to connect the dots for our membership in order to prove wrongdoings and inform victimized families through affiliate capabilities, counseling, privatized aid, introduction of bills to aid families and children, legal mandate, legislative reform, and whatever else is applicable to ignite family preservation as we move forward together for the best of interests of children and their family..

Join us today by becoming an individual member, corporate  or affiliate member, a sponsor, etc. and help P4P and our affiliates establish Family Court and associated service and agency reformation in order to further preserve the American (and international) family.

about punished 4 protecting, inc. (p4p)

Punished 4 Protecting, Inc. (P4P) as a 501 (c) 4 social welfare non-profit Family Court Reform entity, was established January 2018. Family Court (i.e.: formerly Domestic Court), a trillion-dollar industry is often derelict and full of corruption. This Holy Trinity derides millions of families both nationally and internationally and includes State Bar Association Members, Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Child Protective Services (DHHS-CPS) and Department of Social Services (DHHS-DSS) Representatives, and Family Courts.

Errors in judgment, enacted under the auspices of proactive Child Welfare Act reformation, have resulted in a multitude of adverse outcomes due to state budgets and a burgeoning reality that Family Court is a revenue burst. 

In most states, DHHS extends greater revenue resources than states themselves and due to this, it behooves the liege of leadership presiding over Family Court and it's sister, Foster Care, to empower, extend and expand service portfolios where possible driving greater fiscal incentives within localities that do not benefit families necessarily. 

Each parent involved in a Family Court case, spends approximately 80K to 250K to secure their custodial rights and many exceed $500K. Family Court cases are designed to take no more than a few months of jurisprudence; however, a significant number of Family Court cases take three (3) to five (5) years. And, some, take lifetimes exhausting families entire life savings, where resolution is achieved when children reach adulthood. It is a travesty of justice.

For these, and a multitude of "other" reasons, P4P actively promotes families and their rights. We educate parents through legal and child welfare endowments, trauma counseling, safe housing, and other support services.