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Love Dominates is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization, with a goal of keeping families together.

Our mission is to continuously raise awareness on court corruption and educate the public on the effects of Parental Alienation, and Hostile Aggressive Parenting which are all a form of emotional abuse that damages a child's self-esteem and is associated with life long patterns of depression, estrangement, anxiety and low self-worth.

FAMILY COURT IS A $50 BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY. Domestic violence and sexual abuse perpetrators are winning joint and even sole custody of the children they harm. Safe, loving, care-giving parents are prevented from protecting their children by family court and child protective services, and they are being punished for attempting to do so.


The Stop Abuse Campaign prevents Adverse Childhood Experiences through public policy and public education. The US chooses to spend huge sums of money dealing with the consequences of abuse, but the ACE research proves that abuse cannot be undone. Fortunately, a lot is known about preventing abuse. And preventing abuse is what we do at the Stop Abuse Campaign. Support our work. Click the button below.

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